Freeway Fire (Your Old Droog)

Crash on the freeway, letting it splash Fucking with me, better Peon, I ain’t letting that pass I pull a Leon and get in that ass Drop the battle, I’m winning the war Classic album in the stores For mixtape shit, you had to nag but you act That’s why you ain’t put on a track See the way I’m twisting words Flow so unorthodox, you doing it for the nerds I do it for them blocks, they only bump us in the Lox At the corner store with the aux next to the hostess brand cakes Doing indigenous handshakes We’re talking bloods and crips Christians, Jews, Muslims Sunnis and Shi’ites, saw your girl, she aight You had to flee the fight, guess you chose flight Three the Doritos, remix Sprite 03 blackout, when these people gone see the light? Came out the game with that heat rock You pussy are getting treated for shock No rubber, I’m one of the rawest She love what’s the fuss for Got a problem with me? You can reach me at 1 800 hustler I was all over J records, your career dwindled on J records That ain’t even a shot to Kass Cause casualties [?], and cats who can freestyle all day But their songs are trash That will never thump, it’s like cocaine Why give em a line if you can give em something to bump Feel me? Lookie here, I could tell you I don’t do a Capella Give me a track to bash, burn, held up and thrash Make it feel like a semi just crashed 80 car pile up, been doing this since dial up Not the cat you want to rile up Cause I can and will pull your file up It’s on pile up, eating the beat like a bacon wrap Bar face scallop, then we hit the stripper Get a gal up on the pole like the Gallop Poll Just sit back while I run shit man You pundits know your role ‘Fore I send you to the black hole That’s the boy The illest flow since Freeway With punchlines like Fabin Lloyd Don’t even got to get dissed to get destroyed Your overjoyed, and by the way how’s your hemorrhoids?