Have a Nice Day (Your Old Droog)

Yo, I remember comin' up, I wanted to be the nicest Now, I just wanna have a nice day, real calm I just wanna have a nice day Say some rhymes like I’m Dice Clay Sip water with cubes from the ice tray Order grape juice, kettle Sufferin' from doliosis Old friends, I had to dead ‘em Wouldn’t even take a girl to Wet Seal Shawty wants me to buy her Louis Vuitton’s, get real My life style dubious and my ear’s where the doobie is 'Bout to light it, can’t you see I’m delighted? Yeah right, I’m at my wits end Other day, I wrote a long ass email and forgot to hit send But I can’t complain, I’m a grown man Can’t be mad things ain’t go accordin’ to plan when you don’t plan We created art like Salvador Dali No more polly want a cracker, now these crackers wanna polly If I had social skills, I’d be on probably, poppin' molly Bein' a jolly good fellow in Hollywood mellow At corporate parties, blooper shawty doing vibrato on the cello Them cats ill, doin' the rappin' alternation of two adjacent notes, that’s trill Yes, I study music on my dolly Drink stoli only hang with those I call Ken like Maçkoli Listenin' to time tick on my rollie Tryna have a nice day like Mick Foley What y'all want from me? I give y'all what I can give y'all