Loosey In the Store with Pennies (Your Old Droog)

Having thousand dollar dinners at Mr. Chow Not to mention we drop grips in town While you trapped like 2Pacalypse Now Don't wanna hear nothing come out ya lips now You won't see me asking, "Are you still down?" Some cats just don't feel the sound It's not my fault you don't have a spine to send chills down I'm only choosing 9s & 10s to drill and pound Got off the train at the stop near the brewery To drink some hops, go home, and watch Louie Hollared at this chick, even though her grill was chop suey Sometimes you miss your turn and gotta pop a u-ey No more uglies, I'm only piping hot bitches How hot? Piping hot bitches Not some old frigid broad like Ms. Huxtable Ass was fuckable, titties was *suckable* Optimum cake and ain't nobody I owe Can tell I'm eating from the spaces in my flow Ayo, why, is there nothing but white faces at my show? Not that it matters, we still make the place go Never indulge in Peppermint Patties or Good & Plenty's But I once copped a loosey in the store with pennies Never too bourgeois for E&J or pure white Henney Son I used to buy a loosey in the store with pennies (Actually happened to me, with a penny. Word to me) It's that dude who got your mama laid bumping Lady Marmalade Trying to replicate my vocal tone on Gunsmoke Cologne One of the best, you couldn't be this good with a gun to your chest And your life on the line Never get over, you forever under mine So you try to undermine I could blunder a line Fuck around, words tumble and summersault But if I'm off beat, it's the drummer's fault [?] to places as far as the [?] Was raw before I ever had a contract Used to upload shit to take it right down Have them asking, "This delinquent, where the link went?" Give me your email, I'm gonna send you some things Make sure that you're prepared for when the pendulum swings I'm like E.E. Cummings, Walt Whitman It's hitting and I always keep a written in the vault hidden A beat is like a J-A-W-N Trying to find a new jawn for me to splooge on Prove that other dude is a huge con Show the difference between a stooge and a don A superb marksman with night vision on the Wesley sniper rifle When it's nighttime and they real dark skin And don't do it in the presence of that sleazy hood rat So many people in the hood rat Reflecting on progression while I'm driving past the story Bought the dice to help me win money to pay for the session Before that Nutty Bars wafer we wasn't really messin' Hold up dog, I thought you wasn't gonna do the cab confession? Rappers rhyme for a minute and think they spaz You know how corny your cipher sounds? Don't get gas A chance of revenge I've yet to let pass Do we kill em if they ass bet? You bet your ass Too [?], giving me the crazy look like I [?] When I came with the 50 pennies Like damn, what, are you broke doggy? I heard your car got towed and you feeling froggy Voice is groggy, I got something to clear throats Call a spade like Chris Farley, I'm corny like air quotes Was probably rocking furs down in bear coats Them USA joints, the flames playing a point Expectations are the root of all disappointments But time heals all wounds, it's the ointment Skin peels, women go to my show in heels You with a hooker giving a different meaning to copping feels My flow didn't just get like this, it's been real Got rappers signing out, saying, "It's been real" In me, it was instilled everybody takes Ls It's just about how well they all conceal Conceal the deal with this one, it's been a journey Now people wanna do business Hold up, lemme give my attorney a call He pulls strings like Ernie Ball I got bitches, what I need to watch a porno for? Tell em, I don't cop a loosey in the store no more We got packs, smoking Winston too Don't be mad that I'm racking up more wins than you It's a thrashing with a convincing fashion But Winston on the set? Benson hedges his bets Joe Camel gets exposed for the hump that he is And Marlboro Man needs a better marketing plan Fucking with them reds, what are you from, Cincinnati? I rock the White Sox fitted daddy Only thing in my thought bubble, is home girl with the fatty Breezing through the tunnel in tinted Caddy