Mule Juice (outro) (Your Old Droog)

Haven’t heard a slicker sound I like my coffee black, liquor brown Still that dude you don’t leave your chick around Burn some indica, and dick her down Or sativa she a smut and you should leave her Overachiever took a much needed breather and so did the rhyme pattern Rappers be on the mic tattlin’ they’re not all bright like Madeline I don’t wanna battle dog We could battle with catalogs, Grammy wins, your song's like Ambiens My joint could go Alice in Chains, Would But your sellin’ a lot don’t make it good And ain’t no thugs where you hang, dog That ain’t a blood gang more like the Bloodhound Gang It’s one shady crew Bet they tell in a Blink and do a 180 too Tryin’ to come with them gully bars and raps Son I heard you use to wear Famous Stars and Straps Before that, Quicksilver and Billabong On for years and you still can’t steal a song So you better call a truce They ‘bout to bring us in to executive produce Deliver your boo some cow tongue, liver of goose She wash it down with mule juice, I got a screw loose Think I’m an honest person you’re dreamin’ Beat you in the head like a clergyman schemin’ Steamin’ I took mad tokes I’m your man Remember I always had jokes? Cut your ass like a Puerto Rican in a fight Then go write, exceed your average output for a weekend in a night That’s how I stay with new rhymes, spun a web like Spiderman Spy the plan (who you?) Your Old Droog Been a real player since RealPlayer Pack mad shit in so you can peel back the layers Viral without videos, had no pigeons and didn’t care Got ‘em strictly off the music which is rare Your career’s only bloomin’ ‘cause you blew men, should be in the Blue Man Group The fan's are duped, come on Warhol How many times you gonna draw that can of soup?