Nutty Bars (Your Old Droog)

She knew that I was smashing Little Debbie And I still bagged a Hostess Don't fuck with Entenmann's ghost from the tenements Living with no stress, even if we shooting dice I roll up uno, dos, tres, no stress Get Zebra Cakes, cause of all these Nutty Bars Cats tryna make a blueprint will have to study ours Scriptures that the nerds and the goons acknowledge I attribute this to years in a junior college G a honey from the buses to the bursar People knew my shit was money from the first bar A good guest and an ill host These other cats milquetoast, fake Steve Wilkos Shoulda stuck to doing security, your honor That's a cush gig like selling medical marijuana I'll mush your wig, expose your phony persona And if the tush big on your babymoms, I'm on her Cream pies, demonize hoes just to see my self-esteem rise I lower yours, stupid, know I seem wise Dumb as a rock, it doesn't come as a shock Still some don't flock, they say the drums don't knock This ain't no jums in a sock Hand-to-hand rappers upper echelon, PBS throwing my special on Sometimes I watch my special to feel special But I keep the private life private, real professional I rather the senseless killer spilling your guts Doesn't make a verse good, you over stood Truth be told the lab sessions Should not sound like Taxi Cab Confessions I'm 'bout to bring back storytellin' I bet money if your man get snatched up in that store, he tellin' With the scoop he sure to sing Like the group that go into the police for a sting Zing! People love to perpetrate like they're honest, when they're really not just puppets on a string And these Internet thugs, ain't doing a thing Got caught with the Google Chrome now they in the Bing There's a lot of great song writers, tremendous singers But everybody's not into Vienna Fingers I bring a different kind of wafer, that ain't the way for me Hide out 'til the block is safe for Nutty Bars ain't no chocolate wafers Wanna see what I could do? Get out my way first Only help is liquor, weed, and Wikipedia Fricassee'd every beat that was on the CD My CD gets burn like VD, I get up like graffiti Plucking a heifer teety (titty), its never tedious plus I'm greedy This is criminal background--one for P.D Young gunner you can tell I ate my Wheaties People who understand innovation give me standing ovations They don't just accept things, they demand information Different viewpoints from a multitude of sources Make it work for the kids like we going through divorces Keeping my personal life and wiz far Away from y'all as possible, you ain't gonna know my kids, ma Already distant as it is, pa Cause people in show biz are, just that: bizarre Your man stays lurkin', I'm always workin' You ain't gotta push me too hard Like the B74 air assist door I wonder what I became a lyricist for To package and ship units like fudge rounds We sit around the lab and judge sounds I know school got nothing to offer us Pushing the tape like I'm tryna get off the bus