Porno For Pyros (Your Old Droog)

Back in the line of fire Sayin' my style's dated is like checkin' to see if wine expired Salut, thought of that bar in the car Cheffin' up in the truck like halal food Got them raps for you, I ain't talkin' gyros Get on the mic and spit that porno for pyros I'm not concerned with goin' viral Knew I'd be the best When Droogs was in the recess throwin' spirals Mad punches, I was throwin' spiral notebooks away Even wrote hooks for you to say Now look at me today Rockin' Woodstock and Lollapalooza Get your dollars up, loser While we worked hard, you fought and bickered, now you broke I can see that malt liquor stain on your Nautica Need to stop poppin' junk and pass that Henny But don't start a debacle over the bottle Get rocked in your head with it Then we'll really see your numbskull, should've tried to be humble Sprayin', it's plagued to run up on you with a gun cocked Stick safety pins in your face like you punk rock The kid vicious like Sid Dukin' your hot mom 'til my johnny get rotten seed on Only bustin' these sex pistols from now on Anarchy in BK, that's all we play I'm sittin', thinkin' in the dark Hit my boo up like, "When we linkin' in the park?" Take it to the head, ball courts, finger popped the tote You lames in the crib playin' Papa Roach This ain't rap, it's hard rock with a hip-hop approach Jethro meets Death Row, Death Row tone Pull a Suge Knight, make you drink piss Who you think you is? You ain't a thug, you listen to Incubus Son, new streets'll break your heart I know cats that'll murk it and take part in a Stop the Violence march Yoke up young dweller in the elevator And watch the footage on News 12 later Doin' hot boy shit to get 'em knocked The old heads like "Chill, let him rock" Wildin' with that death metal, desperately need an alternative Most of these kids dyin' ain't even get a turn to live Go straight from Juvy to juve Talkin' 'bout how they move yay, off white like a duvet Only folk they know is the game, never heard of Joan Baez Lot of freaks were goin' bi, les I paint pictures that's hi-res [?], the parachute jump light blinkin' in the room 'Bout to go back to my old way, true, true You know I don't fuck with Coldplay and U2 U2? I hate them mothafuckas - yo they suck! Yo what happened to all the good rock music? I wanna know! Man, yo 92.3, remember that? Yo I'm 'bout to cop a guitar, Skiz 'bout to get on bass, RTC on the drums. Yo forreal, we're gonna take over. Yo we the new Alice in Chains. Yo I'm watchin' Clerks right now, on the big screen Guy 1: That's beautiful, man Guy 2: And he's from Russia, too Girl: No way, what part of Russia? Guy 2: I don't fuckin' know, do I look like his fuckin' biographer?