Sasquatch in a UFO (Your Old Droog)

"This man in the saucer, can you describe him?" "Well, sir: he was small and skinny, he had a--his head was pointed and came to a very sharp point, he had long green hair, his eyes were a sort of purplish-red, he had long ears which preformed like an antennae..." And what'd he say? What up? (x20) I come through like a UFO, couple bunnies on my Hugh Hef' flow El Dian, we're the new Death Row Your favorite rapper is Kaput, I might put pull a Suge and dangle that Fruit by the Foot I'm something like a heartthrob, what I look like with a Pathmark cart top? That's why I hit the stew, kick 'em out the lab We booth-rushers, featherweight crushers, made shanks out of toothbrushes, never ate Gushers Heyo, hate gun raps but I'll still pop a shot atcha', hit you with the "gra-ta-ta" from that "Ah-ah-ah!" I said the burner got a nice beam, gra-gra, have you Dippin' Dots like the ice cream "There was an 8-to-10 foot hairy man-looking person..." "This thing was ten-foot tall!" "He looked like he had six fingers on his hand" "He had beautiful hair! I come right here and rough-talk him and run him off, and I say 'Get away from here! Get! GET!'" Droog is the hood Sasquatch, drinking some good-ass scotch as he plan to watch Whiteboyz with Danny Hoch Venti Isle Watch, took it up a notch, so independent shit I might buy Koch How many deal you gonna try to botch? Plus I heard your bitch burning, giving new meaning to "fire-crotch" On the road, y'all can't bout with some posers, I got suites like classical composers What's Goban? These rappers didn't write a thing, I'm here studying the scored of the Rite of Spring After which, I'll be blowing albaryo mawn, gone off that Marijuan, but I don't fuck with Mary-Jane Only for monetary gain, "You so crazy!" on the contrary, I'm very sane These cats snooze, get the cheesy-rap blues, wife a chick with some sleazy tattoos "You mean to say you can remember everything about this man from the spaceship: his hair, the color of his eyes, the clothing he was wearing, and yet after all this time, you can't tell me the color of my tie?" "But you didn't come out of a flying saucer..."