Word (Your Old Droog)

What hasn’t been done before is what we tryna do On the verge of takin' over the game, you just kinda blue I’m already workin', all my bitches bru Perfect games, look at how many pictures we brew No one’s tryna be like the greats, it’s the essence we channel That’s why they feel it from CA all the way to hamels and beach channel Since Howard Stern was on the E channel You been tryna get heard on public access like Robbin Bird You’s a bird, never did any robbin' Was gon' snatch a lady’s purse once, but you walked up behind and got scared Old sticker up on his slicker like “Droog, you slick" I just view music as a vigor and check awards like respect the jux First and foremost, I’d like to thank God for my good looks, good looks But with all these looks, there’s always one hatin' ass nerd Still poppin' shit, I’m like… Word? He said “Droog, you never gonna make it!" Word? Talkin' reckless like "he’s not sellin' any records!" Word? haters… Say Droog, you’ll never be the greatest Word? Love is shit talkin', that’s more people that gotta eat their words, word And I won’t be deterred from feedin' you that turd Tryna play me like some new cat Say you gon' put out somethin' better than Droog? Yeah, you do that Type scrolls on a computer, son, where they do that at? Mad you still got ‘em doo doo ass demos on the dat Now every time you record it falls flat Got dudes givin’ you words like superant, ha Voila, make that shit to which everyone’s relatin' Except a couple of herbs, damn, they still hatin'? I just look at him like word? Word like Microsoft Keep on poppin' junk, you actin' like we’re soft Like the rap Ted Nugent got guns and cat scratch fever You bums, straight cat snatchin' beaver I’m heatin' up like Steve Kerr with a fever And you still a believer? Word? Old droog is wack, he the next gorilla black Word? Really? Son is a vi tum, my other man’s shit tight ‘em Word? Show me a line, I’ve been there Just one line, you ain’t got word? Fuck outta here Clean ya ears out