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Another Morning (The Stone)

Another morning, sunbeams are boiling my head I wake up to throw up my yesterday Too late, can't get out of the bed This is where I'm gonna stay Oh shit, now it's all over the place, yellow vomit keeps on flowing This again, my mouth is big as my face, upstairs calling? What have I done, to deserve this, did I even have fun? Last night, can't remember a thing, guess we had a really good time Yesterday, nothing was boring, today, nothing's fine Colours on the wall, see them reaching for me But if I close my eyes, hear the darkness so fucking loud Pressure in my head, the hammers working hard And my stomach is rolling like an overspreading spin driver I had it, I'll rip my filthy body up, or what is left of it No sweat, few beers from a shop and I won't give a shit What a wonderful day, I deserve to take a few more And everything'll be great at least till tomorrow