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Brain Damage (The Stone)

I´m just a barf of this civilized world A spit on its innocent face Live no steady life, won´t hide myself behind a silly mask Don´t fit in the modern life it don´t have what I need So I´ve got Brain Damage - Brain Damage Cloned good servants wearing a smiling mask Slowly hanged to their own tie Rules echo in their heads, thoughts stand still or they just go around Their eyes aren´t blind but they cannot see that they are used hard for free I think they have Brain Damage - Brain Damage Make a trip into my brain, you´ll get lost to its countless mazes Those weird dreams will blind your eyes You call me insane because I think with my own brain I won´t live with those fucking steady thoughts So I´ve got Brain Damage - Brain Damage Look into my eyes Don´t stare at empty walls You act like living dead Haven´t you ever tried to live the real life? Now it´s time to wake from eternal nightmare and breathe fresh air Don´t you think it´s finally the time to get free? Time to get free Brain Damage - Brain Damage Rip off that mask and look in the mirror is there anything you have seen before? You could see all your feelings and thoughts you haven´t had a chance to show Wake from your nightmares look life into the eye Are you ready to cry I´ve got Brain Damage - Brain Damage