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Meaning of Life (The Stone)

So, what is the meaning of life? White crucifix or a sharp knife? Seeking truth? Well seek it hard And if you find it, send me a post card Got a career, wear a tie, you want it all There's nothing you can't buy "I want my name written in stars I wanna be the first man walking on Mars" No - You'll never find the true meaning Never - Cos you're looking for it inside of yourself Take a walk in the street, listen to life Can you hear its heart beat Smell the raw, still rotten meat Those people ain't the same you used to meet Who might you be - A greedy servant seeking the truth What do you see - I see me, do you know my daddy Who might you be - Super freak alien from outer space What do you see - See my big lie, worship me or die Take an elevator through empty space Buy yourself a shuttle and join the never-ending race Take a subway to the center of earth What on earth could be there, a show where Mother Earth gives birth You're getting tired of truth stuff Besides, searching is rough But have you sought from the right places Don't give up yet, at least not now Maybe your colours show up somehow Have you even looked under the Bible Ride your shuttle once more through space Look outta window, see God's face? Then perhaps, you'd understand the meaning Out there, there's nothing for you to be seen Instead of brain, you got a tiny bean The further you go the nearer the truth you get No truth I bet!