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Meat Mincing Machine (The Stone)

You have big muscles, a long black hair Play guitar in the cellars, you want out at any cost This manager here will make you a star She´ll create an image for you, one of those spitting ones... Kill - while others play, you kill Praise - praise yourself, the king of heavy metal That piece of advice got you into the charts You think your fans fear and respect you now "But I want them to fear me more" I think you are ridiculous and silly Is this all because of the size of your willie You play macho man to a 13-year old chick You´d love to explore her porcelain with your prick You dress like if you lived in the iron age Your intelligence quotient is pretty much the same Head full of LSD, acting gorilla on stage Or are you acting at all? You´re a meat mincing machine "It´s so fucking fun!" You wanna be as sharp and lethal as an X-ray gun And be as famous as ex-president Reagan Well done! The wide wall between your role and true yourself Is fading away, so you have to choose which way to go Fear me more! You gotta go further and further Fear me more! Or wake up from this bad dream Wake me up! Please, Mr. Nice manager Wake me up!