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No Anaesthesia (The Stone)

A white bodybuilding man looking for a delicate boy Who wants to get submited and be treated as a cheap toy Looking for a real adventure? I´m all that boy needs I got rubberboots, leatherwhip, everything! Balls full of seeds C´mon fear me boy, taste my fire, I´m gonna give it to you with no anaesthesia You read this in one of those magazines And begin to feel really tight in your jeans At once you know this one is for you Your chance to be loved and show your love too Get down, down on your knees Make it slippery with grease This dreams been going on every night You´re sure he loves you `cos you got it so tight How do you want it? No anaesthesia He´s the dentist, you are a patient in pain No anaesthesia You´re a special client so he locks the door Please dear doc, drill my hole with No anaesthesia Let´s see what you can take `cos he´s no fake Obey what he says! Take off your clothes and he´ll tie you to the floor He´ll give you a lesson that You couldn´t have dreamed of before Fear what he says! Cry you´re hurt, beg mercy, yell your skin is burning For him this is just a start, wait `till You see his little dog