A Painting In Dark (Crimson Moonlight)

He weeps, but no one hear Is this the final point of his life? The direction of his soul A painting in dark Where is he to go In this maze of confusion Will someone give him the strength To chance and forsake this path Is there somewhere a heart Full of freedom who can call his name? He strives towards Meaningless, endless horizons Traveling and searching For true life-giving peace He wipes his tears with golden cloth Lost in the lie: "This is all you need" He asks: Is there any true peace at all? These cries for help echoes louder Through the dark night of his soul But while praying in despair He discerns the shape of Love incarnated There he is, the One Wearing the bloodied crown of thorns His heart is beating with mercy And his peace caused the escape of fear But a silent mist arise Covering the vision of loving truth With a scornful smile The evil one pull down the veil Over the human face While telling the constant lie This mercy is not for you Twisting God's true words In the presence of honest seeking of truth That lies is spoken by the lips Painted with immutable cruelty The own flesh is to weak to resist it But God has seen the will of his heart And listen: the scarlet story is told. He can hear the sound of dripping blood Deliverance is made The punishment for his transgressions Are obliterated at the cross The final cry from God's Faultless wounded Son brought freedom The sins are crucified, restoration is given And the veil is lifted off He turn his eyes to the hill Beholding the destiny of his mistakes There hangs the one who paid his price The one who conquered death itself He looks towards the new horizons Where the sun never sets And starts to walk in its direction On the path of the eternal life