Eyes Of Beauty (Crimson Moonlight)

Long time ago, but still in this age There was a man, seeking the answers For the questions of life An angel, so beautiful arrived By his side and let his voice be heard: "I'll give you what you seek for But you will have to give your soul." Remember you have nothing to lose Look forward to what you will be given The angel seemed so good and honest The man decided to pay the price As his soul lay in the angel's hand The angel gave him the keys To the treasure halls and said: "Always remember, The truth is everywhere in these halls. Enter without fear..." The man opened the first gate And it was closed behind him Everywhere were things, that were Showing him the answers Just like he been told Spiritual jewels were Laying on the ground Waiting to be taken by his hands This search went on for many years Until he was satisfied With the answers he had been given Suddenly he noticed something so strange He had been walking inside These halls for many years But not found a way out Finally he met the angel Walking in one of the halls The man ran and asked him for help But the angel showed him the soul And told the man: "Remember what you gave me? I have given you what you asked for But there are no way out From these treasure halls You will end your days here In my kingdom" Things were no longer crystal clear And suddenly the eyes of beauty turned evil The betrayer had seemed so white and clean But the black soul he wore within Had hidden been until now... The man was betrayed Now nothing but pain remained He could feel his body and spirit break down The angel enjoyed what was seen before his eyes Because the promise he once gave Was nothing but lies Playing with fire had its price to pay The man had payed with his soul To this ancient lair What good had he been given instead? If he now died he would never Be able to see daylight again The picture of life in divine magnificence Would forever be gone The man fell down On his knees and cried The angel showed no mercy And told him there was nothing to do His life could now never be changed He had received the lie as a truth And that trust could never be recalled Suddenly he felt a voice internally saying: "This is not the end, follow me, I show the way." A dove came flying inside the treasure halls Followed by a lamb that once been slaughtered The angel's face turned pale as he saw them He left the halls at once, frightened to death The lamb took the blackened soul Washed it white and gave it back to the man