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Mist Of The Spiritual Dimension (Crimson Moonlight)

Cleanse thine eyes, let truth appear The world is deceived, judgment is near Mankind is fallen, believed the lies Confused and have not seen the evil in his eyes Ravished they are by the beauty of this form Enslaved and can not see the chaos of the storm Root of all evil has grabbed the human race Saying: "I don't care for others, I am God myself" Millions in suffering, billions of tears This world is secured for how many years? Mist of the Spiritual Dimension Satan has cursed thy mind Awake, abandon mortal sin Truth thou shall find Dwell in the light of the Saviour Bathe in the Blood of the Lamb Sword of Thy mouth shall beat the evil flesh Evil destroyed by Thy return in brightness Total annihilation, damnation fell to dust War of Armageddon, obliteration is a must King of kings, the earth tremble for Thy might Thy coming seen by every eye our most awaited sight No one shall stand at that day, we will be on our knees Eternal kingdom comes without hatred or decease The dawning of forever, darkness is no more By the holy blood of Jesus, we won the final war!