Path Of Pain (Crimson Moonlight)

But suddenly I felt His arms around me At last He had come The Son of Man spoke to me: "You..." the voice came, "beloved one" He raised me up And walked before me And I followed his footsteps With a sound of deliverance A small and hidden gate Was opened for me "Follow me", he said And invited me Into the landscape From where I first came We sat down by a fire And while his eyes penetrated me He started to show me The purpose of all my pain "You see", He declared "I myself once did this for you" "For me", I replied. "Why?" He continued: "I once walked this path of pain But I went much deeper Than you ever may do My love for you knew no end And therefore I did I had to sacrifice my life that time And I did it Because of the never fading love I have for you But, though your pain was terrible And I saw no end to your sufferings I have walked the whole path with you You have not taken one single step Without me seeing it And I have heard every one of your words I heard when you cried for help When you asked the Father to see your pain Behold the path now lying behind you" I turned and watch The steps on the road Each one of them was covered with blood As steps before also were His smile told of his great love to me And as I started to cry tears of relief He made a statement Beloved one, I may not tell you why I let you face situations like these But I give you a promise... I will never do these things To hurt you in any way But to strengthen you for future walk And remember Beloved one you will never be able to walk Deeper into the unknown parts of the forest Than I have done I have walked the whole way And therefore I know how to give you guidance When you feel trapped on unknown ways... He suddenly stood up and pointed In another direction, and said: Now walk this way and you will soon be Out on the main path again He disappeared from my sight But my spirit could feel his presence of His I trusted His words, and soon I walked Beside the clear spring again My whole being was strengthened And I was armoured with the trust in Him I needed for future tests to come And I continued to walk the path ahead