Reflections Upon The Distress And Agony Of Faith (Crimson Moonlight)

If you respect yourself and worry about your soul you know you must live a stricter and more retired life than even a virgin in a maiden's bower. It is true that there are those who need to be forced and tamedand who would tumble about like wild beasts in lustful frenzy if they were left free. It is true and you can see it now, quite close at your neighbour's house. But you have to show that you are not one of that kind, by talking about it with anguish and fear. And talk you must with awe about the holy things, the great eternal truths, so that they won't be forgotten. If you can't understand their horrors, nor can you see their greatness. Now let's consider the distress and agony of the paradox of faith: The tragic hero acts to gain fame and glory for himself. The knight of faith gives up his individuality to become the common man, become