The Pilgrimage (Crimson Moonlight)

As dawn melted my heart I opened up my eyes Red roses from above Were planted inside of me And when the never fading love Was established in my heart My traveling days began I walked beside the constantly flowing Spring of clear water Always ready to slaked my thirst And give me peace and strength I ran towards the fields Inviting me to let my tiered soul rest How sweet they were Those pastures of green A smell of life filled the air And the sun gave constant energy To my once dead spirit The magnificence of this paradise Told a wonderful tale about a creation Taking place since times immemorial I could hear the tranquil whisper: "Come closer to me, beloved one" The Spirit's voiced touched My ears with love and care I continued the path And stepped inside the forest Still hearing the whisper: "Come closer to me..." But suddenly the beautiful trees And days light turned Into a landscape of thorn and fog Soon I was lost in an unknown wilderness And there was no end to my fright Tears ran down my mourned face And the pain showed no mercy There I was, a helpless and frightened child At last I fell down on my knees in prayer While feeling the despair Coming closer and closer "Father, help me out of here", I screamed But no answer was heard "See my pain..." no one there I became a lonely prisoner Bound by chains of doubt Nowhere could I find the meaning Of things happening to me At day I stood screaming, crying and praying And at night I lay shaking in terrible helplessness Finally, all my power was gone And I nearly gave up it all With my last strength I lifted My face towards heaven and cried it out: "Father, Thy will be done, and not mine" Then I felt in a total less of power Awaiting the arrival of another frozen night