Thy Wilderness (Crimson Moonlight)

As I wonder through the frozen Landscape of Scandinavia I am surrounded by The magnificent creation Thy nature truly a testimony Of Thy eternal might Like a wall, ancient mountains Rise beyond the endless forests As a mirror, the cold lakes Reflect their shadows Star of the Nordic skies glimpse In harmony with the heavenly Symphony of colours The majestic northern lights I praise Thee, o Master For the gift of nature I praise Thee For the landscape of Scandinavia Thou spread snow like wool And scatter frost like ashes Thou hurls down Thy hail like morsels Who can withstand Thy icy blast? Thou send Thy word and melt them Thou stir the breeze And let the water flow Ancient beasts of the north Made by Thy hands In the depths of the Swedish Wastelands they live Elks and bears Kings of the wood Who would not fear their creator? Thou have shown me The beauty of lynx and fox Their cunning conceived By Thy wisdom in days of old I have heard the wolves Lift their howls of praise heavenwards While ravens and eagles sour In the midst of the sky Proclaiming that the hour has come For the day of the Lord is near Soon it is upon us Verily, I have seen Thy sign The crimson moonlight