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Crossroads (Irglová Markéta)

It remains to be seen to which side I'm gonna lean. Which road will I choose or will I win or will I lose? Am I gonna come to my senses and see the light in letting go of what I want in order to do what's right. Oh but right by who? By me or by you? It’s just a crossroads. Is the light red or is it green? Now I’m getting mixed signals, I really don’t know what they mean. If I wasn’t temporarily blind, if I could only take one look I know I’d find how simple it all is. How much do I really want this? Is enough not enough? Am I really in love? Or is it nothing but a test? Well if you wanna try me go ahead and be my guest. Cos I myself would like to know which way we're to go. I guess it’s undecided yet so I’ll take it slow, but as I regain my sight I know I will do what’s right. Indeed it’s just a crossroads. Now that I’m willing to clearly see things for what they really are, not what I’d like them to be. There’s nothing left to think about. I know the way now, I’ve no more doubt. I let go and release; you'll do the same for me, please.