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Seasons Change (Irglová Markéta)

Open your door, come on outside, It’s raining, but still, that’s no reason to hide. Put on your coat, we can still play, Or go for a walk, rain as it may, ‘Cause if you love life, it will keep you warm, In all weather, even rain and storm. We learn that spring sends the winter away, So when the summer comes ’round, we beg spring to stay, but In all these years past, why didn’t we learn? That we’d be better of pleading with whomever make the earth turn, ‘Cause seasons change, they go as quick as they came, and It’s not their fault, if we choose to stay the same, and Not grow at all, neither strong, nor tall. But if you ever want to play a game with me, To run around the woods, and climb the tallest tree, To make ourselves a couple kites, and see them fly, We can reach out to a cloud to try and touch the sky.