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Your Company (Irglová Markéta)

I've got it all figured out, baby. You're coming home with me and we will laugh our worries away, and you can stay as long as you please. I'm really just glad that I could have met you. It's easy to see how much I like your company, but I wouldn't dream of trying to keep you. You know how they say that love heals all fear, well in a similar vein I thrive when you're near, but you've had your pain and you've had your grief and at the hardest of times she brought you relief. And you love her, if only for that; and she knows she saved you and she won't let you forget. But I remember the time that I sat beside you and your hand brushed against my knee and I thought I would die for that alone instantly, but I'm sure you knew just how good that would feel. Well I know I had a good reason for not seeing this through, oh but now I forget and I don't know what to do. But you can hold my hand and you can kiss me too, just while I try and remember why I shouldn't want you.