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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Hollow Vessels (Lower Definition)

Roll your eyes up, while the minions make her wake up (wake up) Not today (not today) All white lights up all over me, They take me gracefully.... I see you, on the floor, With your face on the ground... What are we going to do? The future is slowly dying, And we're already falling.... There comes a time when the rope begins to fray, You don't want that anyway, Those words you never wanted me to say... Cut the phone lines when her voice decays, She will not be coming anyway, Not you, not today. These thoughts are flowing, down the river, Pushing your broken boat to a distant town Where the flowers grow back below the ground... You're lying, on telephone lines, And all the lies you fed to me have left me oh so hungry, I'm rooted firmly on my knees, And as my nails begin to sink into your skin, I'm begging you begging you begging you..... Your eyes engaging Underneath the front line, In a row, she left a gun for you.... She's so cold... I feel you on the opposite end of this line, These opposites have driven us apart, And this is the last time, I cant take this anymore, I cant take this anymore I cant take this anymore.... Cause she's so cold, like you wouldn't know, Took things from me I didn't know I had, But it's over now and I'm glad, Cause it's not like you never lied and its not like we didn't try, To save our own lives, to savor our lives Your lying on telephone lines, And all the lies your feeding me are leaving me so hungry, And as the line pulls tights I think, To sit and watch me as I sink, Too bad there's nothing you can do Cause I am me and you're still you. It's not that you are'nt good enough, We're just far too complex, That's what she said, Always ahead of the rest, She's always over it, over it, over it, ohh, And the way she's pushing me, Is driving me crazy....