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Human Grain Part I An Absence Of Empathy (Frameshift)

[Human Grain I - An Absence of Empathy] Flashing news, flashing lights TV says we're alright Transmitting pain by satellite I think there's some of that inside All of us a little bit Fight the evil deep within Is some of what I fear in me Close my mind, fall asleep Play my games to fill the need Quench that thirst, make 'em bleed All pretend, just Killing fingers get my fix Spread your mind wide open Let your conscience be free What you will not show them You must show to me Let me look through your eyes Let me see what you see Let me see who I am Every day the same ol' shit Doesn't bother you a bit Stories of another day Pull me in between the grey Flip the pages black and white Reading headings line by line See the print crawl up on me "Just one more proves too many" You're afraid to show me What evil might be But I'm gonna find out Absence of empathy Flashing news, flashing lights Blinding pain in my eyes TV says we're alright Does it take a tie to tie Wanna know more what they ignore If you do you must explore So here I am kick down the door I'm tapping louder than before Once I get inside The grain of my own kind