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Miseducation (Frameshift)

[Violence in Schools I - The Teacher] This is it We can't take it No more pointing at the problem child Raise your first We'll start a revolution I think this time you stepped over the line Come through that threshold From eight ten to three A different vision for everyone I see Doctor, soldier, a teen beauty queen A garbage-man, can he even read Thank God for those four up front we can agree Honest hard work - bound to succeed You're not like them what are you doing here Just sit in the back, stay out - beware If you aren't on my level then I just don't care Shut up and stop talking, taking up my air Can't resist We're not gonna stand here Watch you take those down Who can't put up a fight Hit by Hit Time to start the revolution Time to say what's on our minds You're incompetent, incapable in every way I'm the authority - you don't make the grade Take you down, take you out, take the pain away You don't belong in here - You need a simple place A little help, a little push, a little of dignity Three things you'll never get from me I find your talents and turn them into salt In the end you'll think It's all your fault Do ya feel singled out, do ya feel mistreated Put the book right down, turn around and leave it Yeah you ain't on my level then you don't belong Look around you're the only one Marching to a different drum Teach this time I think you stepped over the line Psycho pit - this is it - revolution We're not gonna stand here No matter what, I refuse to live your lie Raise your fist - time to start a revolution