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This Is Gonna Hurt (Frameshift)

[Torture I - Torturing] Me and you alone now Are you frightened are you scared Let my little toy show you how To scream so loud no one can hear We're gonna play a game that I enjoy We won't stop 'til you tell the truth No matter what - I won't believe 'Cause I just like hurting you: And that's the truth This is gonna hurt when I turn it on We'll be real close till the pain is gone This is gonna hurt till you tell it all 217 the writing's on the wall This is gonna hurt gonna make me smile Think I'll make it hurt for a little while This is gonna hurt - ain't telling lies You'll see yourself inside my eyes Got all kinds of instruments Each one plays a different tune A chord of pain, a scale of tears Now don't be a fool A grinding rhythm for your bones A forte for your flesh Help me write my symphony Hear the music make a mess The prettiest thing I have ever seen Is the sight of you suffering I don't need to explain Let the beauty fade and the misery reign I can't understand why But your pain keeps me alive