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When I Look Into My Eyes (Frameshift)

[Torture II - Being Tortured] It's just you and me And a single light to expose my fear You're holding something in your hand And I admit I am scared Your face shows you're enjoying this I swear I told you everything It seems as if no matter what I say You're gonna do it anyway I can feel you - I can feel me Now I want it back the way it used to be When I look into my eyes I can feel me touching, hurting And I know the kind of pain I'll go through 'Cause I've been you My body feels like you're playing a wrong chord Like you hit a note out of key Every part of me is wailing In perfect harmony There's a pounding running through my marrow There's a beat I cannot shake It's like an anthem to the sick and sorrowed Your smile's a witness to your hate I can hear you I can hear me Singing screaming melodies When I look into my eyes I see you touching, I see you hurting And I feel the pain inside I'm not through cause I am you How could I be the man behind those eyes And if I am I'm gonna lose my life But when I do I guess we both will die I want you to stop, stop all of this You wrote a score that doesn't fit I can hear you, I can hear me Singing screaming imperfect melodies In the silence I can hear a sound It makes my heart skip a frame It's your laughter from another room I guess I'm not the only one