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As She Licks My Only Ball... (Rompeprop)

Can you see me can you see me see me popping from my mothers swollen cunt of porn. Itsa boy itsa boy my mother's delighted while I'm born my cock's already grown! AS - SHE - LICKS - MY ONLY BALL! Maybe I'm a baby but my mommy hate it that my scrotum yet contains no balls. She's pushing on my belly while the room is getting smelly my Fuckin' balls is what she calls! AS - SHE - LICKS - MY ONLY BALL! Finally, she's rewarded, So, I spontaneously farted My scrotum now contains a ball And mommy starts lickin' it all! Babyscrotum meets her tongue, ridin' mommies face She's licking me like a dog & - full - of - grace! When I look up I see my family watching They are next in line for one ball touching! AS - SHE - LICKS - MY ONLY BALL!