Body Bag Bitch (Rompeprop)

Iiiiii - want to tell you a story, This time, it's about female flesh, & kinda glory! Young girls, oooh, they can look so nice, That is - nothing - new! But you're gonna definitely pay the price Cuz they will screw you!!!! NO MORE PEACE, & DISEASE, OR JEALOUSY BEHAVIOUR! POSSESSING YOU, YOUR MONEY TOO ONLY DEATH CAN BE YOUR SAVIOUR!!!! Last week I had enough, again she was acting tough, Seducing me to start a fight, her skull was crushed around midnight! Staring- at her lifeless body, Bloody- & naked on the couch! Although her nose is missin' & she has a face to piss on, She even didn't say OUGH!- YOU!- FUCKIN'!- DEAD!- BIIIIITCH- I grab her by her leg, to a certain goal I drag, my bitch into a bag! My bodybagbitch!!! Unzip the bag & put her in, & watch her mutilated skin, no more hatred from within! My bodybagbitch! [-growlgarglescream 'n torment 'n agony!-] Bodybagbitch- ALWAYS AFTER LUNCH! Bodybagbitch- YOUR BAG IS WHAT I PUNCH! Bodybagbitch- I GRIND MY TEETH & MUNCH! Bodybagbitch- WHEN I HEAR YOUR BONES CRUNCH! FUCKIN' BODYBAGBITCH! Bodybagbitch! Fucking bodybagbitch!!!!