M'n Lul (Rompeprop)

Yesterday it happens again! The proof in my shorts, that I an a real man My cock has a life of it's own In the middle of the store, that's where it was shown I asked where I could find the beer She said: Follow me it's really near My cock heard us talk, and he woke up First my next thing my shorts would drop I tripped, and I felt, he started to grow He grabbed her ass really slow With my balls he pinned me on the floor So I couldn't forseen that he would score Poor little girl didn't had a chance Insider her ass my cock did his dance Getting bigger going in, and out I could see his head through her mouth He smiled at me, and laughed real loud He's gonna cum without a doubt Yogurt falling on the floor Her anus was filled up with gore Last thing I've heard; Hallway 4 is a mess