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Pussyjuice Chup A Chup (Rompeprop)

Pu-ssy-juuuuice! I'm in a candystore, what do I seeeeee? Flavours... like strawberry, & melon, banana-taste, They have cherry, oh what a waste! Cuz what I really wanna choose A Chup-a-chup that taste like pussyjuice! 'Can I help you sir?' and I look up at her She's gorgeous in that skirt Oh yeah you can my love, Take your panties off Please bend over it doesn't hurt! Do me a favour, a certain flavour Is what I want suckin' Chup-a-chup Yeah I'm a dude, that dislikes fruit Only taste-of-cunt-is-good! She pulls up her skirt, This bendin' over bird My favourite kinda meat, It smells so sweet Vibrating eggs disappear between her legs She-is-my-recipe! Vibrating eggs snore, Sound of buzzing fills the store She dripps from her lips, Between her horny hips Ofcourse I also wanna fuck it, But first this fluid in a bucket After that I put it in the freezer, Next to my pussyjuice Bacardi Breezer! Do you wanna be my favourite recipe! Pussyjuice, the taste for me! Lick it & suck it! [8x] Pu-ssy-juice, chup-a-chup-a-chup! [2x]