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The Erected Underwater Necro Clitstomper (Rompeprop)

Years ago when I still did school, I met this girl down the swimmingpool, Just a shy girl no-one thought she was cool! A normal girl on shore, but underwater she was more! She was - the erected necrostomper! Hammersmashing clit! First she makes you drown! Your swimmingpants pulled down! Totally unprotected, her clit is now erected! If you weren't dead, Sure you'ld be surprised! By the fucking fact, her clit is hammersiiiiized! Your blood stops pumping, By underwater stomping! No use for operation & forget re-animation! Her lethal stomping clit, makes your torso split! She also smash your eggs, With that hammer between her legs! So don't you try to dump her... The erected necro stomper! STOMP!