We Want Gore!! (Rompeprop)

We are goregrindbastards & we always like it faster!!!- Aaaaahh!!! No more dance, no more trance, fuck romance! R&B, not for me, can't you see?! There's only one thing, that fuckin' will bring me joy to sing! We want gore, we want gore, we want gore!!! You don't have to share our vision- 'bllªªªªh!!!' But if you're watching television- 'bllªªªªh!!!' Make one conclusion, one decision- 'bllªªªªh!!!' 5-4-3-2-1 ignition!- 'bllªªªªh!!!' Decapitated faggots & a rotting ugly whore, Sockets full of maggots splattered fetus'gainst the door, 'Tween bowels & intestines fuckin' corpses on the floor, distortion on my vocals I'm a harmonizing whore! WE WANT GORE! WE WANT GORE! WE WANT GORE! WE - WANT - GORE!!!