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XDESTROYx (Eatmewhileimhot!)

Hello there everyone, Boys and Girls Cats and Squirrels. I came here to bring you something something you've never heard before. Actually you've heard it everywhere on myspace everyones trying to cash in on this thing called the breakdown (breakdown, breakdown) Burn this f***ker down! This morning I woke up to the stench of death, and the horrific sound of my mothers flesh being peeled from her carcus. Luckily I sleep with a chainsaw and sawed off shotgun underneath my pillow, now theres only one thing left to do.... DESTROY! I am trying to stay alive, but I am growing weary. I can't, I can't, I can't get out, when some things are trying to get me. Whats left to do? -screams (DESTROY!) Dying is not automatic, it should be fun and sporadic, wouldn't have it any other way(3x)