Looking For The Answers (So They Say)

Losing track of time 'Cause you want the world empty inside You know I wish you well Someday I hope I can stop this girl from falling faster into memories fading out When your lungs get tired Every second counts If you're looking for the answers You're asking the wrong questions When you finally figure it out I'll be waiting on your doorstep Will you be inspired to stay put While I set this dream of love on fire? Do you feel as if it's good for you To sit at home and let hate consume you Because you'll wish you never showed me How nothing really matters When's the last time You remember asking to hold me like I'm the only thing that matters? But it ends tonight No one's waiting up for you turn out the lights And cry yourself to sleep Can you feel it when the lights turn low? Can you feel it when your heartbeat slows? And you're falling down again