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I Accept (Side A)

Remember the times when we said Our love would never end I do, I still love you My love is true, only for you And now, I never thought it would be You're love would all disappear for me Am to blame All that I know, there's so much pain I just have to accept your goodbyes I just have to accept even though my heart cries I accept, when you said to me That our loves not meant to be Guess from now on All I can do is accept You gave me those sweet memories Times when it's still you and me Each day, I'm holding you near All of our dreams, all seems so clear And now, all those dreams are all gone Now that it's all said done It's true, that our love is through Now I'm alone Guess I'm alone You said I'll be forever No more goodbyes, ever, never Now that you're gone I'll have to go on