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Eclipse (Zemial)

And the forests of my Dreams are here And the absolute Twilights And the Rituals of Antiquity are here And the Dreamy Starlit Nights And the Red Wine I have drunk and spilled And the deepest of my desires are fulfilled And the sounds still sing in my mind Yet, I am in between - my heart is as black as an Eclipse Black Spells I cast, a catastrophe I summon: ...Sweep through this world like the Winds of War! Ah Immemorial Ocean, drown their sleep with watery walls of Terror Eclipse! I strode through the Ages, searching for your Eclipse! In the Shadow of Charon I have followed your distant Eclipse! My Soul forever is yearning for your Eclipse! At the threshold of Death's Dream I have found your Eclipse! When the ring of the Moon possesses me, When the ring of the Moon entraps me, When the ring of the Moon caresses me, Then the ring of the Moon conducts me! Entrapped! I am a slave in your Abyss My eyes are shut, but I can see your Glory What have you done to me? I am a slave to Moon Magic supreme