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For A Fallen One (Zemial)

Summoned are powers to fight me over a fallen one Black tears still drowning my eyes Memories flooding the temple Mountains of brave men wielding spears cut short your breaths 'Til their death I shall fight for you now Leader of men mighty king Arrows and blades of bronze rise before me, barbed spears strike bodies to the ground fight we for you glorious fallen one! Greatest of men rise like a mountain Mothers now mourn in our wake The battle is raging like flames We fight over a fallen one Charging as a great wave with a might roar Bringing the darkness to their eyes I sing for you might king The sun dove into the horizon and so faded the men's strength Twas time to mourn and mourn they did Only then in the peace of night did the greatness of their loss descend upon them and ashes poured they upon their heads in mourning Streams of tears and bitterness flowed as their brother shrouded in flames Travelled the dark shores of hades. And as their bodies and minds swallowed the loss and exhaustion a single thought emerged revenge for honour! Fuelled by revenge, men charge the walls Riding into battle like a storm Thee charge breaks the silence, neath the morning sun This battle is fought for honour- for a fallen one