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Gathering Under The Red Moon / Apophis - The Serpent Self (Zemial)

Sparks of light in towers who sleep for years Sound the Great Horn, invoke the Chosen Ones The Earth is feverous, the Seas turn red R'lyeth emerges through the blood red waves Gehenna awaits for more to come The wolf Fenriz regains the Sun Eternal frost and cold: Form the winds of Night emerge forgotten Kings and Thrones Gathering, under the Red Moon Your god is weeping! Gathering under the Red Moon The name of the Wolf we hail! Spells bring down the walls (of heaven) Almighty Gods come forth We ride on black chariots in Full Moon The Great lands of Stygia are reborn The snow carries signs of red ruby By the blood of a thousand worms Once more screams of pain are heard in dead towers The smell of witchcraft fills the air: Gathering, under the Red Moon The Moon is bleeding! Gathering, under the Red Moon The silver Thrones are Ours Beware, of the black hours Before the Sabbat dawn I stand enchanted on ancient heights To see and listen To the waves of Absu roll: I raise the horns in blasphemy, The heavens burn again! Night: