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Hellhorn (Leverage)

Above the masses raging On the balcony He talks about a paradise Not meant for all His voice is spreading poison The target generation Will never get old Painting a picture Of a promised land Acting he's the messenger, he's the hand of God It's so easy to believe him Just sew him on your sleeve and Lose your soul refrain: Children please follow me I'll lead you to your destiny Walk into fire, my disciples Children just obey me I've paved your road to tragedy Singing the hymn of the hellhorn Easy contrast between ebony and ivory Different languages, the culturs, The different gods If only seeing was believing Then no-one could be steering Us into the dark refrain Listen to me refrain2: Children just obey me And march on to the battlefield Singing the hymn of the hellhorn Children please follow me Children just obey me Children please follow me Don't think, just follow me refrain Children refrain2 Children, children Children just obey me Singing the hymn of the hellhorn (2x) Children, children (Follow me, follow me, follow) Singing the hymn of the hellhorn