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King of the Night (Leverage)

Boy selling papers Caught a glimpse behind the scenes Saw they had more Than he had ever dreamed Their suits were tailormade Their boots were shining clean Careless tough faces Looking proud as can be Started looking how they ruled the streets So they were livin' it up, livin' it up Beyond his dreams refrain: King of the night Once and forever Pay your respect or you'll go down Now he's the king of the night Hell or high water I dare you, try to take my crown Left his old man's business to Run them little services Wore his hat way tilted and Rolled up his sleeves Fought, got arrested, jailed Took a bullet in their name Got himself a gang name Loved it all the way His guts were tested on the streets And he never gave up, never gave up He was bound to be refrain Yeah, you'll go down King of the night refrain King of the night (9x)