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Movie Gods (Leverage)

Trying to stay on my feet Jammed and pushed in the line to the theatre I could hear my own heart beats As the opening time drew nearer There he is on the screen The undefeatable ultimate fighter And the giant adventure is calling, calling Excitement gets higher and higher Heroes fight to the end Thwy always will win Rising to heights of glory For a moment I felt I was just like them Watching in awe Looking at them heroes Feelin' like a superstar Silver screen immortals Movie gods I wish I were like 'em Movie Gods She's the angel of dreams Oh, I wish she was looking at me The way she looks in the face of the hero, hero There's sparks in the air, for granted Saw the small town skies Through my bedroom window Half awake half drifting in haze Flying in dreams One day I'd leave To where dreams can come true Maybe I could be like him For someone like her