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Stormchild (Leverage)

Some said It's nothing but a story Some swore It's all just old man's fairytales Beware, She's come to claim her glory Here comes the stormchild Behold, the heir of Mother Nature Dark clouds, her fingers weaving nightmares Trough the sky Tiptoe the mountains, dance the sky Our fate is just a heartbeat away A heartbeat away R: Stormchild Stormchild Laughing as she rides the skies Stormchild Stormchild Now the time is here Better bow in fear before her Worship the stormchild Closing in from all directions The hailing thunder, the roaring wind, The storming clouds Steamroll the skies, enrage the waters And we can only Watch her play It's time to pay R: Ruler of the skies Worship the stormchild Kneel before her might No need for asking why Time to live, time to die Kneel and pray for your poor souls Storm's rising, you will fall R: Ruler of the skies, oh yeah Worship the stormchild Kneel before her might, oh yeah