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Treehouse (Ivory Tower)

Mother hold me. I think I need to cry Father help me. I have to get things right Sorry son, sorry honey. Ain't got time to worry Was afraid of these answers. I fell into a stare Today I'm standing at the house where I grew up Mother's dead. Father too The fear is still here And I look up the tree in front of me Watching the treehouse father built for me I'm climbing in The fear just flies away All my senses obey Lovely creatures guide my way They teach me how to cry How to get all things right How you learn to love the night I wonder how it comes. Is this my second chance Tell me am I dreaming or lost inside time I pass the parts of life. It really cuts me like knife I see my life in ruins. The world around me turns Surrounded by angels I reach a special point Above me my parents I look at with delight Suddenly I see so clear Hate just turns to understanding Sweat on my skin as I awake from my dream Through the dust I see the treehouse And memories are coming back again Now I stand here at their grave. I'm crying I've learned to forgive and to love I'm watching sunset's beautiful horizon The evil's lost the good has won tonight Seasons change and tides have turned No one can deny his own changes When I'm down I know a place To wash away the sins I've perpetrated I've learned to forgive and to love