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Wailing Wall (Ivory Tower)

A careful walk on broken crystal alibis, I dodge a rage she scatter round A face that hides any kind, any sign, any traits of weakness Words break out from deep within showing me again the reality Of what we have, where we stand, that we don't comprehend Together yet alone, a wall inside our home Together we have built it, filled it, just as we dig deep To bury unsaid in ourselves a hiding place To treasure up the hurt, the pain but Let it out, let it out, free it from the underground Break her heart, take her heart, think about a brand new start Deify, deify, a rest of hope I can deny Look at you, look at me ... Stop, stop Time is running out, you reach for life without the light of self control Time is running out, wake up my friend and feel again what's really there Scars now visible, but who is responsible? Is it invertible? Can we take back, suffering, pain, the wounds, the hurt? We fall into the great oblivion, we've unlearned to carry on We blame it on, the me, the you, the us, the we, the lust A remaining peace of trust, somewhere in the dust Unjustly covered by confusion that led us astray Here at my wailing wall, I hope you hear my call, Help us to break the surface (Repeat) Here at my wailing wall, I hope you hear my call, stop the fall (Let it out, let it out) (Free it from the underground) (Think about, think about, stop it, stop it)