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Embrace Me (Fragma)

You broke my resistance And you tore the curtains down I hardly seem to miss them Since you tossed them to the ground And I tried to resist I just cannot exist without your love You're offering me assistance For a mind that's spinning 'round And I try to be strong I just cannot go on without your love Embrace me - run your fingers through my hair Embrace me - let me feel you everywhere And when you face me - I see heaven in your smile Now that look in your eyes and the sound of your sighs Will make my life worthwhile Embrace me Just like a dream that's never ending I'm so happy to give in There's no need to complain 'cause it's all just in vain without your love A broken heart in need of mending And a game that both of us will win Don't you take it away 'cause I really can't play without your love Make me understand Let me hold your hand This is how it's planed Let me feel you oh Everywhere