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In The Sorrow Of A Crimson Sea (Fog)

Since time of old It has been written It shall come of darkness The end of humanity is drawing near Mere mortal flesh Shall not stand the test of time Upon mankind a horrible fury is unleashed Wings of scale shall carry the messenger The sickelss of the ancient shall swing Flooding the earth Drowning all existence In the sorrow of a crimson sea All life shall end When ancient blood spills upon the earth While quenching the thirst Of thy elder blade Unholy serpent rides above the clouds Severing the heads of all marked by the beast Master of the seven spells Cast forth from hell And the innocent are slain Surfacing up from the great depths below Reaching out consuming all Horned beast of blackend hate No longer harbored Dark demons of apocalyptic deliverance Rising from this crimson sea of darkness Baptizing in flames Lost souls of mankind Crusading only to conquer Onward we sail Quest never ending We superior race of men I raise my chalice ad toast to thee Set forth unholy quest We fee the earth the blood of our enemies Searching all lands delivering death Enslavement of those blessed to surivive Fall to worship thy steel Sword and axes bloodstained red No armor fends our steel Crushing all with an iron fist Onward we sail forevermore