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Lazy Days (Brody Dean)

I love the way twirl your hair and those overalls and flip flops you wear The way you'd smile Waiting in your drive Hot sunday afternoons How you didn't mind my rusty truck Swinging by to pick you up I missed your sweet face It was six long days Since I got to hang with you [Chorus] And we'd throw two fly rods in the gunrack Sweet tea biscuits on your lap Sing to brown eyed girl on my guitar in the barn bridge shade Where I'd number your freckles And the times your fishing line tangled And love on you in the meadow by round bales of hay No, it ain't hard to remember those good ol' lazy days And we'd stop by Ernies General store Grab two maple walnut ice cream cones Funny how they always seemed to get on your nose Yeah, when you'd ride with me I'd cuss the moon tryin to get you back Grind all the gears while you just laughed Cause it was twelve o'clock Porch lights turned off Yeah, and I was up the creek [Chorus] Ain't it funny how we never could sell that old pick up of mine Baby grab the keys I'll get the jumper cables, cause it's about time [Chorus] No, it ain't hard to remember Baby do you remember I think it's time we remember Those good ol' lazy days