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Nowhere USA (Brody Dean)

The road was cold the fog was heavy Her headlights were just like a ghost She said you look innocent but I ain't crazy I'm just too tired to drive on alone If you don't want me to shoot ya You'll keep both hands on that wheel She was sweet with just enough poison I wasn't sure just what to feel [Chorus:] So I drove her into a sunrise In the middle of nowhere USA And she slept peaceful as a baby Once she put that .45 away When she woke up we talked bout livin Where she was goin, where I had been I lit a smoke she talked bout Jesus How he had power to raise the dead We watched falling stars from her truckbed [Chorus] [Solo] [Repeat Chorus] [Chorus 2:] And we parked neath the burnin sunrise And I held her against my chest She said I never would have shot ya I said I know, your gun it had no lead.